We use film to tell life stories.

We give all the glory to our God in everything we do.

We use Videography to share awesome life stories captured through the lens of DSLR cameras which delivers super smooth video with stunning 4K resolution.

As a family team we have more than 27 years of combined production experience which we hope will make you feel pretty confident about the quality of your completed project. We have an incredible passion to create great content. From the shooting, editing, color-grading, sound design, and final delivery of your video, we strive to put the entirety of our efforts into every detail of the production process. We always want to push the possibilities modern Videography affords us today.

At For Him Films we are able to produce content with a very lean, personalized, and efficient workflow. Depending on your project and production needs, we are able to handle large corporate shoots, extensive event coverage, and professional style promotions – all managed directly through For Him Films.

We would be glad to meet with you to talk about the vision of your project and how it can impact your business, capture your event, or promote your own passions. Feel free to contact us with your inquiry through the Contact Us tab above.

Ultimately, our passion is to serve God with the talents and gifts that He has given us for His glory. Our professional career is led by our faith in Him and our desire to serve Him.

Thanks for visiting.

Stephen & William Braswell – For Him Films // Mobile, Al